The A - Z of party themes

With a wide range of ideas we have something to suit everyone

Last updated: November 24, 2017 6:45 pm

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A: Alice in Wonderland. The list starts of with a well worn but well loved party theme – Alice in Wonderland. With the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Queen, Cheshire Cat, the March Hare and Alice herself to choose from, there’s plenty to get those creative juices going.

B: Bad taste. You have to really know your audience for this one and be prepared to be shocked!

C: Cluedo. Will it be Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet or Colonel Mustard??

D: Despicable Me. Imagine a pub full of minions – what better party theme is there?! Get your dungarees and safety glasses ready.

E: Eighties movies. Top Gun, ET, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Terminator, the Goonies, Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted, Die Hard and the Karate Kid – the films were epic and the costumes immense.

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F: Fifty shades of grey. You can go with the book, or you can go in grey – the choice is yours (just consider how you will be travelling to the party!).

G: Game of Thrones. Do you fancy yourself as a Lannister, a Stark, a Targaryen or a Dothraki. It is fairly unlikely you will be able to fid a pub that you can bring your dragons too though so bear that in mind.

H: Hippies vs Hipsters. Depending on your friends this may not require much dressing up and is probably one of the safer party themes for using public transport after the event! Expect lots of beards…

I: Island party. Pick your island and represent it in style, whether its tropical, Mediterranean, Scottish or traffic!

J: James Bond. There have been so many legendary Bonds and Bond girls, not to mention the baddies. Beware the bar staff may get a bit fed up with the “shaken not stirred” joke – especially when you are ordering a pint of lager.


K: Kings & Queens. Monarchs or rock legends, there’s plenty to choose from with a Kings and Queens theme. And lets face it, we have all wondered if there is some long lost royal relative of ours out there.

L: Letters. If you want to give your guests a complete free reign with the costume theme why not just pick a letter as your theme. One of the best costumes I saw was when someone dressed as the M25 for a “M” party.

M: Mardi Gras. Whatever you wear make it loud – masks, beads, tassels, feathers and sequins – add the lot! Just make sure you don’t get your headdress caught in the doors of the tube….

N: Nashville. Channel your inner country music star, throw on your fringed shirt and cowboy boots and get ready for some serious line dancing.

O: Ozzy vs Aussie. Your guests can choose between a celebration of Ozzy Osbourne or everything hailing from down under. Expect a slightly incongruous mix of long black hair, round glasses and eyeliner with cork hats, kangaroos, boomerangs and board shorts.


P: Prohibition. Recreate the era of clandestine drinking. See our feature on “Party Like Its Prohibition” for some ideas.

Q: Quality Street. What’s your favourite?

R: Rock party. Brighton rock, rock music legends or your favourite geological formation – the choice is yours.

S: Soap. A squeaky clean party theme – pick your favourite soap opera star or maybe your favourite washing powder.

T: Tolkein. For fans of the Hobbitt and Lord of the Rings, there are plenty of great characters to choose from, although if you are going as an orc, be careful how you travel and don’t scare the public!

U: Underground. A true London theme, pick your favourite station and represent it in style.

picture of vegas sign, football fans etc

V: Vegas. Las Vegas has hosted some legendary parties over time. Hire a mobile casino to truly recreate a Vegas night.

W: World Cup. You don’t have to wait four years before having a world cup party. Who will be the brave one to spray on the gold body paint and go as the cup itself?

X: X factor vs Strictly. It’s the question that divides the nation – are you a Strictly or an X factor fan? Lots of sequin potential with this one and expect the dancefloor to be lively!

Y: Yellow. You are never too old to have a favourite colour and a party is a chance to impose it on your guests.

Z: Zoo. Finally, follow your animal instinct and unleash a zoo these on your pub party.

a group of men dressed up as zoo animlsDon’t forget to check out our party ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.