Terms and Conditions

Pubs wishing to participate on the Pub Parties website are required to register with us and must act in accordance with these terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms and Conditions”) carefully before registering with us as a pub. When you use our Website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

In addition, these terms and conditions apply to visitors and register users to the website. Therefore, before registering we encourage you to read the terms and condition set out below.



“Agreement” is a reference to the contract between you and us as evidenced in these Terms and Conditions, the Website Terms of Use and any other documentation that we may provide to you;

“Membership Service” refers to the service provided by Pub Parties which includes the ability for Pub Landlords to list their Pub Venues on the Pub Parties Website and to benefit from any marketing activities undertaken from time to time by Pub Parties;

“Content” is a reference to any material including but not limited to photographs, information, data, software, videos, text, music, sound, graphics, messages posted by you or other users on our Website;

“Content and Listing Guidelines” is a reference to the guidelines issued from time to time by us as displayed on the Website and in these Terms and Conditions;

“Pub Landlord(s)”, “you”, “your” or “yours” is a reference to a person or business entity which is either a Pub owner or Pub operator and who registers with us to share information about their pub with users of the website;

“Website User” is a reference to a person or business entity which is using the website to search for potential pub venues;

“Pub Venue(s)” is reference to the pub/bar or sections of the pub/bar that are available to hire and described on this website;

“Listing Information” refers to the information regarding the Pub Venue displayed on the Website;

“Published” refers to the point at which the Listing Information is visible to all Website Users on the Website;

“we”, “us” and “our” are references to Pub Parties; and

“Website” is a reference to the website, http://www.pubparties.co.uk/, which is run and operated by us and on which these Terms and Conditions are displayed.


Registering with Us:

In order to use our Membership Services, Pub landlords must first register with us on our Website – www.pubparties.co.uk.

We provide a platform for Website Users to contact Pub Landlords regarding holding events at their Pub Venues.

We do not process payment transactions between Website Users and Pub Landlords.

Should a Website User engage a Pub Venue through our Website any contract entered into is between the Website User and the Pub Landlord/PubVenue and not with us.

By registering with us the Pub Landlord agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Website Terms of Use and to the Content and Listing Guidelines displayed in these Terms and Conditions and elsewhere on the Website from time to time.

The Pub Landlord warrants that it has the legal capacity to enter into this contract on behalf of itself or the legal entity which it represents.

The Pub Landlord agrees to take particular care when providing us with details and warrants that these details are accurate and complete at the time of registration and are not false or misleading or misrepresent its identity.

The Pub Landlord must provide us with valid and complete contact details and a valid email address. Any material changes to this information must be notified to us as soon as possible.

It is a condition of the Pub Landlord’s participation that they must act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with Website Users.

When the Pub Landlord registers on the Website he/she will be required to nominate a username and password. It is the responsibility of the Pub Landlord to keep this information secure.

Any username selected must not be offensive or obscene and must meet the requirements displayed on the Website.

For the avoidance of doubt, Pub Landlords do not receive protection afforded under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1979 as amended in relation to this Agreement.

The Pub Landlord may cancel their membership with us at any time by emailing cancel@pubparties.co.uk to remove their Pub Venue from the site. No refund of the annual fee will be made unless cancellation is requested before the Listing Information has been Published.


Fees and Payment:

Standard membership to Pub Parties is currently free.


Pub Listing:

Listing Information for the Pub Venue will be provided by the Pub Landlord through the Landlord Portal on the Website;

Listing Information must meet minimum standards, which are set out in the Listing Information Guidelines;

Publication of the Listing Information on the Website will not occur until the minimum standards have been met;

By providing Listing Information (including photographs) for the Website, the Pub Landlord gives Pub Parties permission to display that Listing Information on the Website;

Before publishing the Listing Information, Pub Parties will check that the quality of the photographs provided meets the Minimum Standard for Photographs. If they do not, the Listing Information will not be Published until they meet the Minimum Standard for Photographs.

Whilst Pub Parties takes no responsibility for the content of the Listing Information, should anything contained therein be identified by Pub Parties that Pub Parties believe will affect the quality of the site, the Listing Information will not be Published until this has been resolved.

Pub Parties reserves the right to remove the Listing Information from the Website at any time should anything contained therein be identified by Pub Parties that Pub Parties believe will affect the quality of the site.

Should Pub Parties need to remove Listing Information from the site no refund will be available.

All Listing Information once Published will be accessible to view by all Website Users.

Listing Information applies to one individual Pub Venue.


Listing Information Guidelines:

The Listing Information may be reviewed by us (and may be amended) to ensure that it is in compliance with the Content and Listing Guidelines prior to being displayed on our Website.

The decision to Publish Listing Information for a Pub Venue is at our absolute discretion and we may refuse to do so where we consider in our absolute discretion that the Pub Venue is not suitable for the Website or our business.

When a Pub Landlord uploads Listing Information to the Website it agrees to follow these guidelines. A failure to do so will result in cancellation of the Membership Services and the Pub Landlord will no longer be entitled to use the Membership Services. In some cases a failure to follow these guidelines may result in the Pub Landlord being reported to the police.

A Pub Landlord must be legally capable of offering its Pub Venue through the Website.

No pornographic or obscene Content should be displayed on the Website nor should any Content be designed to incite violence or racial hatred or contravene any law or regulation.

A Pub Landlord must ensure that its description of the Pub Venue it wishes to hire out and/or its services it provides is not false, inaccurate or misleading and complies with the British Code of Advertising Practice in all respects.

Any Listing Information posted by the Pub Landlord must not include any hyperlinks unless specifically authorised by us in writing.

The Pub Landlord has full responsibility for ensuring that the Listing Information provided is accurate and that copyright for any photographs provided is owned by the Pub Landlord or that they have gained the appropriate permissions, and that for any photographs taken in private settings they have gained the permission of people appearing in those photographs;

The Pub Landlord must not infringe someone else’s copyright or intellectual property when uploading Listing Information.

The Pub Landlord should not use any names, logos and trademarks unless owned by you or are used by you under licence.

The Pub Landlord must be legally entitled to display any graphics used in connection with the Listing Information.

We reserve the right to alter, amend or withdraw any Listing Information at any time where we consider it appropriate to do so.

We reserve the right to review and approve all Listing Information uploaded to our Website at any time. We may decide, without notice to you, to remove, amend or delete any Listing Information where we consider at our sole discretion that such Listing Information is either bogus or in breach of these Terms and Conditions.


Content and Listing Guidelines

Each venue must have: at least one image; contact details for the venue; details of the spaces available, and; the type of hire fees that apply.


Communications between Pub Landlords and Website Users

Due to the nature of the Website we do not verify the accuracy of the Listing Information or the validity of Pub Venues listed by Pub Landlords which are uploaded to the Website.

Pub Landlords posting Listing Information do so in the knowledge that this will be on display and that the Listing Information will be viewed and could be distributed by or to third parties.

We do not get involved in any payment transactions made between Pub Landlords and Website Users and take no responsibility for any services offered to the Website User by the Pub Landlord, regardless of whether those services are included in the Listing Information displayed on the Website.

It is the responsibility of the Pub Landlord to ensure that they can deliver the services advertised to the Website Users and that they meet all relevant legal requirements in doing so.



Complaints made by Website User concerning the Pub Landlord must be dealt with by the Pub Landlord and Pub Parties take no responsibility.

Complaints made by the Pub Landlord regarding the Membership Services should be reported to complaints@pubparties.co.uk.


Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

We disclaim any and all liability to you for the supply of the Membership Services we provide to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law. If we are found liable for any loss or damage to you such liability is limited to the amount of any fees you may have paid to us in the year in which the claim has arisen.

We cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or expense, including any direct or indirect loss such as loss of profits, to you howsoever arising. This limitation of liability does not apply to personal injury or death arising as a direct result of our negligence.

We do not accept liability for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of data, loss of income or profit, loss or damage to goodwill, loss or damage to property and/or loss from claims of third parties arising out of the use of the Website or for any services we may provide to you.

We shall not be held liable for any misrepresentations other than fraudulent misrepresentations.

We may provide advertising services to you and we do not guarantee or warrant in any way the results of such advertising or that your revenue will increase as a result of the use of our Membership Services.

Your use of the Website and the Membership Services is without any warranty or guarantee and is entirely at your own risk.

We shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performing this Agreement where such failure arises as a result of any act or omission which is outside our reasonable control such as an act of God or those of third parties.

Disclosing personal information to users is entirely at your own risk and we accept no liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense you may incur as a result.

You hereby agree to fully indemnify us on demand and hold us harmless against any losses, damages, costs (including all reasonable legal and administrative costs) and expenses, including all consequential losses such as loss of profit, loss or damage to goodwill or reputation, and/or loss from claims by third parties suffered or incurred by us as a result of (i) your breach of these Terms and Conditions, (ii) events held at the Pub Venue which you have promoted on the Website, (ii) the Listing Information which you may have uploaded to the Website and/or (iv) your improper use of the Membership Services or a breach of any law or the rights of a third party.


Links to External websites

Where this Site contains links to other websites or materials provided by third parties, these links are provided for your information only. Pub Parties has no control over the contents of those sites or resources, and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.


Access to this site

Access to this Site is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on this Site without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason this Site is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may restrict access to some parts of this Site to users who have registered with us.

You must not misuse this Site by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Site, the server(s) on which the Site is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Site.


Privacy Policy

Pub Parties believe that addressing consumer concerns about privacy online is important. Pub Parties website treats website user information submitted through this Site as privileged and will not abuse this trust by providing this information to any third party.

We collect:

All information you choose to submit to us by signing up to our website, newsletter or a competition, by sending us emails or texts, by adding posts to our website, by completing feedback surveys, by interacting with us on social media, by speaking to us, booking with us or registering an account with us.

Restricted details of the payments you make on our website. These include the time and date of purchase; but does not include payment card details as these are processed using an external provider (Paypal).

Any unique identification numbers we may issue to you from time to time.

Information on what you view, click on and access in and through our marketing emails and website. We may also track how often you visit and use our websites and mobile apps.

Technical information about the devices you use to access our website. We collect each device’s unique identifying codes (e.g. its “MAC” address), relevant IP address, operating system and version, web browser and version, and geographic location.

Your social media content where this is in the public domain. This information can include posts and comments, pictures and video footage.

Information collected independently by online advertising networks (for example Google) through whom we place advertisements. The information we obtain varies from network to network. It often summarises the actions of lots of people, and so does not enable us to identify you individually. It relates to what you view, click on, and access through websites in their network, including the subject matter of the site you started at and where you subsequently go. It may also include their analysis of your behaviour across the wider internet and a profile of you.


How do we use your information?

We use the information we collect for many different things:

To provide you with our websites.

To power our security measures and services for example, so we can recognise your username and password, as well as reset them if you happen to forget what they are.

To enable us to run competitions and offers for which you have signed up.

To gather feedback from you about our brands, websites, other services and activities from time to time. We may invite you to provide this feedback on occasion, for example by emailing you. We may use independent research and feedback providers to do so on our behalf.

To contact you from time to time about things you have told us you want to hear about, for example our brands’ news, offers and new competitions.

To respond to any questions, suggestions, issues or complaints you have raised.

To respond to any social media posts or other public comments you make about us, our brands, websites, services or other activities.

To communicate with you about operational changes to our products, services, websites, for example if we were to change this privacy policy.

To perform any contract we have with you including to collect any debts we may be owed.

To gather statistics about how you and other people use our websites and what you think of our adverts, offers, news, competitions, social media and other digital content. We then analyse these statistics to understand if these things appear interesting and meet most people’s needs, or if they should be improved, and if so, what design or other changes (e.g. around the nature and timing of communications) would be most beneficial both for our customers and for our business.

To monitor use of our website to see if is being abused or threatened. 

To protect you and our business against other potential criminal behaviour, e.g. fraud or ID theft.

To maintain administrative and statutory records about our business

To enable us to understand what our customer and user base looks like across our business. We do this by combining your information with information about our other customers and users of our website, so we can spot trends and common factors amongst everyone.

To enable us to conduct focussed market research based on those trends and factors, which we can then use to further improve our website for all of our customers.

In the process of anonymising your information so that you are no longer identifiable to us.

To test new systems and processes as we roll them out (but generally only in anonymous form).

To analyse whether the money we spend on marketing advertising, online and in search engines represents good value for us or not.

We do so in part by matching information common to the various different sources of information we have about you, to build a bigger, richer picture.


How do we share your information?

We cannot run our business or provide many of the services and benefits you expect to receive without involving other people and businesses. We only share your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We share the information we collect with:

Other people and businesses who help us provide our websites, for example, information technology companies who host our website, payment services companies who enable you to use credit or payment cards with us, and data insight specialists.

Any new business partners we may have over time, for example if we enter into a joint venture, reorganisation, business merger or sale of part of our business, the other party may receive some or all of your information.

Our professional advisors for example our lawyers, insurers and insurance brokers when they need it to provide advice to us or help us obtain insurance.

The Police, local authorities, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Courts and any other central or local government bodies where they request it and we may lawfully disclose it, for example for the prevention and detection of crime.

Other people who make a subject access request to us, where we are allowed to do so by law.

We also may share the information we collect where we are legally obliged to do so, for example e.g. to comply with a court order.


Is your information secure?

We take the security of your information very seriously. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 which requires us to have in place appropriate security measures at all times, including where we share your information with our suppliers and partners.

Please take care of your own information. For security tips and tricks when using the internet, WIFI and smartphones or tablets, please check out www.getsafeonline.org


How long do we keep your information for?

We can only keep your information for as long as necessary for the purposes set out above. This restriction is set by the Data Protection Act 1998. The precise length of time we hold your information for varies depending on the individual circumstances.


Your rights

If you want to understand your information rights in full, please check out the website for the Office of the Information Commissioner at https://ico.org.uk/ The Information Commissioner regulates most UK data and information laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998, and make a wealth of user-friendly information available on their website.

Cookie Policy

We want to make our website easy to use and reliable. To do this we need to know what parts of the website are used most and how people find their way there, as well as what devices they use to view it.

We use Google Analytics to record visits to our website, which involves placing a small amount of information on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, in the form of small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally. We also use cookies to improve the performance of our website to provide you with a better user experience.

To find out more about cookies, check out All About Cookies.



We may subcontract any part or parts of our performance of this Agreement from time to time and we may assign or novate any part or parts of our rights and obligations under this Agreement without your consent or any requirement to notify you.

We reserve the right to cancel or suspend this Agreement or your authority to use our services or our Website at any time should we reasonably consider or suspect that you have acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions or the Agreement; should we reasonably consider or suspect that you have damaged or harmed (or intend to damage or harm) our reputation or goodwill;if a Pub Landlord is declared bankrupt or insolvent or a petition is granted for its winding up or makes any arrangement with or for the benefit of its creditors; or where we have received negative feedback concerning your services or events.

We will need to update the Terms and Conditions from time to time as our business changes. We will endeavour to tell you in advance by sending a service message to you if we hold your email address. Otherwise, please look out for the flags on our websites and materials which indicate we have changed this policy. If you continue to use our services after we have changed our policy, we will take it that you accept the changes. You are reminded to check the Website on a regular basis for updates.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. No other terms whether expressed or implied shall form part of this Agreement. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other term or provision, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

If any term or condition of our Agreement shall be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the parties hereby agree that such term or condition shall be deemed to be deleted and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in force without such term or condition.

These Terms and Conditions and our Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

No delay or failure on our part to enforce our rights or remedies under the Agreement shall constitute a waiver on our part of such rights or remedies unless such waiver is confirmed in writing.

It is not intended that the undertakings and obligations of the parties set out in this document shall be for the benefit of and capable of being enforced by any other person by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.


Last updated December 2016.

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