Why list your pub?

How does it work?
Pub Parties is all about marketing your pubs and bars as great spaces to hire for all kinds of parties and events; from weddings and birthday celebrations to office parties and more.

Users of the site who are interested in hiring your venue will contact you with a booking enquiry via our online form, or directly by email or phone.

Once the customer is in contact the rest of the booking process is between yourselves. This way you have total control over who can hire your pub and for what purpose, plus we don’t take any commission for a successful booking.


So what's good about Pub Parties?

We’re more than just another pub listing site

We know there are other listing sites out there, but we want to be a bit different to those sites. Aside from listing pubs and bars we also provide a great resource for people looking for a party venue – offering ideas and inspiration drawn from our listed pubs.

We know, from first hand experience, that UK pubs are continuously evolving to survive economic and social changes and we want to help promote pubs to people trying to find a party venue.

Yes, we list your venue information with contact details and have space for your photos, but we will also take the time to get to know you and the people who use our site to find venues. The information we gain allows us to develop our site and work hard to attract new users.

If you are a pub/bar in the UK and want to list your venue click here

If you want to know anything else about us, feel free to contact us using our online form.



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